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About Us

Fur Hats Online

We are a small company based in Lithuania run by a multi-national team from all corners of the world. Our designs include both the traditional ‘Russian/Eastern European’ and ‘North American/Canadian’ styles, incorporating the best of both.

We also design more contemporary fur clothing using innovative techniques such as checkerboard and polka-dot designs. These designs change every few months or each new season so be sure to check out our new collections as they arrive.

We try to make normal-sized, practical, everyday hats and other clothing and not, for example, the massive, cheap, novelty fur hats you often see which tend to be worn a few times and then get stored away. The garments we supply are used by locals to keep out the cold that blows in from the Siberian winters in the east and our local knowledge and expertise about keeping warm is passed on in our fur clothing to our international customers.

Finest Quality

Our fur hats and clothing are hand-made by locals with the highest quality, certified furs. All our products are made locally by trained professionals and not mass-produced in a factory or in other faraway countries. After every new design is finalised, all subsequent sewing and cutting is done by hand and each item is thoroughly inspected before being sold.

Other materials and fastenings we use are the best we can source from many different countries. For example, our leather comes from Tuscany in Italy, considered one of the finest leathers in the world. Our fastenings, such as zippers and studs, are the best and most reliable we can find.

Best Prices

Our prices are competitive for the quality we offer. We have been working in the fur business for over 30 years and have found a number of reliable suppliers worldwide who supply us the finest furs at affordable prices and this quality and savings are passed on to our customers.

We also regularly send out emails with coupons and special offers and we sell items at a discount in our occasional sales.